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McGruff Products Help Fight Crime

Crime is a major problem throughout America. It wrecks lives and makes communities fearful. But a great deal can be done to prevent its spread. McGruff products help to prevent and fight crime. By using these simple products people can learn how best to prevent crime and what to do if they do fall victim. McGruff products educate children about the threat of crime and its many forms. They also promote safety in the community and help people prepare for emergencies.

Below is a list of issues our products help to address.

Identity theft

Each year, more than 500,000 Americans have their identities stolen. The crime is easy to commit, but time-consuming and difficult to solve. McGruff's Identity Theft brochure helps people understand identity theft, what precautions to take against it, and what to do if they become victims.


It is important to teach children how to deal with bullies and how to help other kids that are victims of bullying. It helps protect their self-esteem and supports a community's crime prevention efforts. Start a bullying prevention program in your community with McGruff products.

Make Halloween safer in your community

Every year, millions of children enjoy a safe Halloween because of McGruff's Metallic Halloween bags. You can keep kids safe and build goodwill by distributing these bags in your community. Our Metallic Halloween bags are reflective and help make children visible at night. Every bag features your custom message giving your message exposure as kids go door-to-door on Halloween night.

Be a child safety advocate

Children learn to avoid and prevent crime with coloring books from McGruff. They teach children to stay safe:

  • at school
  • on vacation
  • on bicycles
  • on the school bus.

They also learn how to:

  • avoid drugs, guns, and strangers
  • call 9-1-1
  • stay safe with friends
  • stay safe when home alone.

Children love McGruff and parents love these educational materials because they help protect their children. These interactive teaching tools make learning fun and include:

  • safety tips for children
  • coloring fun
  • games to play while learning.

They are great public relations for your organization too. Each coloring book comes with your custom message printed on the cover at no extra charge - a visual reminder of your concern for children in your community.

Bicycle safety

It is important for children to understand the rules for safe bicycling. A few simple safety rules and knowledge of proper hand signals keep kids safe when riding their bicycle. We offer products that promote bicycle safety. These include:

  • a bicycle safety coloring book and poster
  • reflective stickers that help make kids visible at night
  • the McGruff Kid's on Wheels Safety Kit.

Your custom message is printed on these products.

Prevent school violence

"Violence: the act of intentionally hurting someone.It's a major issue facing all young adults. One in twelve high schoolers is threatened or injured with a weapon each year." - American Psychological Association

School violence is headline news too often. To help, you can:

  • Educate students. Teach them how to be safety smart and prevent violence
  • Make safety awareness a habit in your classrooms. Remind students to think safety first, to recognize the warning signs, and to prevent violence from happening.

Start your program immediately with our Be Safe in School coloring books. These coloring books teach children:

  • how to prevent school violence
  • how to deal with bullies
  • the dangers of guns in school
  • the importance of following school rules.

Your custom message on the front of each coloring book shows the community that you care about the safety of young people.

Wear reflectors to stay safe at night

"Studies have shown that pedestrians walking along a road in dark clothing at night are seen approximately 55 ft. away giving the driver less than one second reaction time." A driver traveling at 60 MPH needs over 260 feet to stop. - Cornell University Cooperative Extension Program Report "Actionwear: Clothing for Fitness"

Over 5,500 pedestrians and 1,000 cyclists are killed by motor vehicles each year. 95,000 are injured. Over 60% of these accidents occur after dark. - Accident Facts from The National Safety Council

Nighttime pedestrian accidents and deaths are preventable tragedies. The use of reflectors increases the visibility of pedestrians by a factor of five, according to the Federal Highway Administration. Consider these facts:

  • The distance needed to stop a car going 60 MPH is 260 feet.
  • A person wearing white clothing in the dark can only be seen approximately 180 feet away.
  • A person wearing reflectors is safely seen from 500 feet away.
  • Reflectors are a proven method of making pedestrians and cyclists visible at distances sufficient for the motorist to slow down or stop.

Reflectors from the National Crime Prevention Council help prevent accidents by making people visible at night. They can be placed on zipper pulls, bicycle spokes, bicycle tires, cyclists, helmets, sneakers, shoes and clothing.

Drivers cannot avoid what they cannot see. So, consider distributing McGruff Safety Reflectors to your community. Together we can help keep pedestrians safe and prevent unnecessary tragedies.

Help protect seniors

The threat of crime worries people of all ages. Older people are more vulnerable and worry most about becoming crime victims.

However, much crime can be prevented. Common sense and knowledge of simple safety tips help seniors avoid being held captive by fear.

The Safer Seniors Kit from the National Crime Prevention Council is written especially for older citizens. It is a 12-page booklet that includes practical reminders and a tear-out emergency information sheet to fill out and use.

Keep kids safe online

The Internet is a great way to tap into a whole new world of knowledge and understanding. It can enhance school performance, accelerate learning and improve a child's communication skills. But, children need to be warned about Internet activities that may be unsafe.

Internet Safety Kits teach parents and children about Internet safety. They include:

  • suggestions for parents
  • rules to post near the computer
  • games to play while learning.

Other Internet safety products include:

  • Internet Safety Mood Pencils
  • A Family Guide to Using the Internet brochure
  • How to Avoid Being Stalked in Cyberspace brochure.

Use our Internet safety products to educate children and parents about Internet safety.

Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility

Together we can take action to fight crime and improve our neighborhoods.

A driving force in the fight against crime is the National Crime Prevention Council and McGruff the Crime Dog. McGruff teaches us how to unite to prevent crime in our communities. You can fight crime in your community. Here are some ideas that have proved successful:

  • Develop a gun trade-in program to reduce the number of unlawful and unwanted guns in your neighborhood
  • Organize a safe communities parade and invite McGruff to participate
  • Recruit teenagers to fight crime: partner with local youth groups and celebrate their contribution to the community
  • Launch a teens-in-drug-abuse prevention campaign and invite McGruff to distribute educational materials
  • Sponsor a children's identification fingerprinting drive at a school, community center, or shopping mall. The McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit can help
  • Organize a community clean-up program: remove ugly graffiti and distribute litterbags to promote tidiness
  • Help parents keep their children safe with the McGruff Safe Kids Identification Kit.

By using McGruff products you can make a real difference in your community.